Course Description

If you are planning for quizzes or surveys to be a regular feature of your course design, you will want to explore question banks and question groups. Both of these tools can make your use of quizzes and surveys much more efficient and effective! Banks allow you to easily reuse questions across quizzes/surveys and in other courses. And Groups are used for randomly selecting different questions for different students or for subsequent attempts by the same student. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to create a question bank and use questions groups in your quizzes and surveys.


Learning Technology Eco-system Principles

  • Inclusive of learning-centered assessment


Who should take this course: Faculty/Instructors/TAs

Duration: 60 minutes

Prerequisites & Preparation

Recommended that you take How can I use quizzes and surveys for feedback, practice, and grades? prior to attending this session or be able to create a quiz.

Registration & Video

Registration is through the Canvas registration system. This system is a separate system that only includes Canvas-related professional learning opportunities. A video version of this session has also been created in case you would rather learn the content on our own.