Course Description

Organizing your course content in a logical and meaningful way will help students get the most from your course. Canvas helps you to organize your course into modules and allows you to offer quizzes, discussions, assignments and a variety of other options as part of your course content. By the end of this session, you will be able to 

  • control and customize which links appear in Course Navigation 
  • add course content to your modules 
  • upload files that you already have into Canvas
  • create course content using pages 
  • become familiar with the rich content editor and its various functions

Learning Technology Eco-system Principles

  • Accessible
  • Efficient and easy to use


Who should take this course: Faculty/Instructors/TAs

Duration: 60 minutes and 90 minutes (more time for questions)

Prerequisites & Preparation

Think about the following questions and be prepared to answer them during the course 

  • Why is it important to organize your course?
  • How do you organize your courses? 

Prepare or select a file to upload into Canvas 

Registration & Video

Registration is through the Canvas registration system. This system is a separate system that only includes Canvas-related professional learning opportunities. A video version of this session has also been created in case you would rather learn the content on our own.