For faculty who are Early Adopters of Canvas and those who are moving ahead with Canvas implementation as part of a college, department or school for Fall 2020, support for working in Canvas exists to suit your needs. We welcome you to learn about and find support for Canvas’ user-friendly learning environment using these resources

If after reading this page you still have unanswered questions, please refer to the diagram below for information about where to direct your query.

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Workshops and Consultations

If you are looking for interactive workshops to set up your courses and support your teaching with Canvas, you can view and register for these Canvas workshops with the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning and IT Support Services. 

If you want a consultation to address your specific needs as an instructor, email the Gwenna Moss Centre at

Canvas Community Supports

If you prefer learning independently, visit the Canvas Community, a tremendous learning resource for all things Canvas. We suggest you move into the Instructor section on each of these pages, for: 

If you want even more detailed training videos and courses, the Training Services Portal can be accessed inside your Canvas course, in your Help menu. You need to be logged into Canvas to access the Training Services Portal. 

If you want to set up your mobile with the Canvas teacher app, see the Mobile Guides. 

You can get help 24/7 with a technical problem by contacting the Canvas Support Line at 1-855-382-5556 or access Canvas’ Live Chat Online Support. This information is also linked inside your Canvas course, in your Help menu.

A Note on the 24/7 Canvas Support for September 2020

While Canvas’ Tier 1 24/7 support continues to be available for the year, remote teaching across North America has substantially increased the wait times.  Canvas has been, and is, working on reducing wait times but wait times are still a lengthy and will likely be until at least the end of September. Some additional supports to help you are:

  • A self-serve portal to make it easier to find a video or article to help. In Canvas, click the help button to find the portal.
  • About 30% of our requests are actually USask issues that Canvas cannot support, like Panopto videos not showing. We’ve added a redirect back to our help desk that automatically reconnects people who call, so they don’t need to wait in the Canvas cue only to find out they are in the wrong place.
  • Consider using Canvas Help outside of peak support times, which are 10am to 3pm SK time.

USask Technical Support

If you need help with technical training on Canvas and USask supported technology tools, contact IT Training Services for both live and recorded training options. 

Instructional Design Support

If you are looking for instructional design for your courses, please contact the Distance Education Unit at