When seeking support, you may be looking for a few different types of support. With the scope of this system, we have a few groups each providing a different type of support. This page focuses on the Why is Canvas not working? portion of the diagram below. Please see other pages under the Moving to Canvas menu on this page's navigation bar for more information about the others.
A diagram explaining that Canvas and IT Support are both potential options for USask Canvas troubleshooting

One-on-One Support

Canvas 24/7 Support

Available to both instructors and students, USask has an agreement with Canvas to provide us with 24/7 support directly from our vendor. Contact the Canvas Support Line at 1-855-382-5556 or access Canvas’ Live Chat Online Support. This is also available in the left-hand sidebar of Canvas under Help after you're signed in.

Note that if your issue includes anything about any of our non-Canvas apps that we've integrated into Canvas, then Canvas support will likely not be able to help. Examples of such apps include Panopto, Webex, updating enrollments, and web content from textbook publishers, among others. For these types of questions, please contact USask IT Support Services as described in the next section instead.

USask Technical Support

For help with any third party integrations within Canvas or for issues related to enrollment issues and third party apps, please press the button below to search the USask IT Support Knowledge Base and/or to submit a support request with IT Support.

Workshops and Consultations

If you are looking for interactive workshops to set up your courses and support your teaching with Canvas, you can view and register for these Canvas workshops with the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning and IT Support Services. 

If you want a consultation to address your specific Canvas learning needs as an instructor, email our Move to Canvas team at movetocanvas@usask.ca. If you are looking for instructional design for your courses, please contact the Distance Education Unit at deu.support@usask.ca.

Search for an Answer

Canvas Community Support

If you prefer to search for your own solutions, visit the Canvas Community, a tremendous learning resource for all things Canvas. We suggest you move into the Instructor section on each of these pages, for: 

If you want even more detailed training videos and courses, the Training Services Portal can be accessed inside your Canvas course, in your Help menu. You need to be logged into Canvas to access the Training Services Portal. 

If you want to set up your mobile device with the Canvas teacher app, see the Mobile Guides.