We want to provide you with the right amount of support as you learn about Canvas and the new opportunities it offers. For this reason, we are offering a combination of self-instructional learning materials, in addition to live workshops and consultations to help you get the most from Canvas.

This page is an overview of all the available asynchronous, self-guided learning opportunities. Consider clicking the button below to learn about the supported learning that’s available, including one-on-one consultations and live workshops situated in the USask context.

Canvas Training for TAs and Markers
A USask TA Training course is available for TAs' Dashboards. Email r.campbell@usask.ca with the TAs' NSID and we'll add the them to the TA Training course within 24 hours.
TAs are welcome in any of the Canvas Professional Learning sessions run by the Move to Canvas team.

Two Paths for Independent Learning

Guided Independent Learning

In preparation for your first term teaching in Canvas, you will be enrolled in a Canvas course with a group of your colleagues that is intentionally designed to help you get started with Canvas. This course will include many modules that are intended to demonstrate, supplement, and otherwise enhance our synchronous professional learning, but if you prefer to learn on your own then you can take those materials out of their original context and repurpose them for your own learning.

Self-Guided Independent Learning

While the Canvas course mentioned above will give you content to focus on, the independent learning materials are also detailed below for you to explore more openly. If you have any questions about the independent learning materials, information about where you can go to ask questions and seek support is found in the final section of this page.

Not sure where to begin with your independent learning?

People who have engaged in independent learning have typically found the LinkedIn Learning introductory course (mentioned below) to be a great first step in learning about Canvas. It is comprehensive and well organized, allowing you to learn about the specific features you're interested in. From there, you'll gain a better idea of where you should focus your efforts to continue on your independent learning journey.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Using our campus subscription to LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com), you have free and unlimited access to a number of professionally produced video courses, including a comprehensive introductory course that will teach you about many of the main features in Canvas. You do not need to have access to a Canvas course to access this training, although it may be helpful to follow along if you happen to have one.

Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is a hub for your Canvas learning needs, provided by our vendor. It allows you to discuss ideas, techniques, and tips with other Canvas customers. In addition, it includes the following:

Canvas Training Services

To provide additional learning opportunities beyond what we’re able to provide in-house, you also have access to many self-paced and instructor-led learning opportunities through Canvas’s Training Services Portal. To access the portal, do the following:

  1. Go to canvas.usask.ca to sign in. If you haven’t yet been granted access, you will need to wait until that access has been granted to access these resources.
  2. Click on the question mark Help icon at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click on Training Services Portal. This is not our USask ICT Training Services, but rather Training Services provided by Canvas itself.
  4. Authorize your account information to be shared with their Training Service portal provider.
  5. Explore the opportunities! The Learning Library tab contains self-paced online learning, and the Training Calendar tab lists courses available for you to register in, led by a Canvas staff trainer.

USask-Specific Canvas Videos

In our early adopter survey, many people indicated an interested in videos to show them how to accomplish specific tasks. While our vendor indeed has many of these already created and posted both in the Canvas Community and in the Canvas Training Services Portal for specific features (both detailed above), we have also created video versions of many of the sessions we offer as supported learning opportunities. The button below will lead you to our folder of videos (log-in necessary) where you can browse the available videos and watch them at your own pace.

Course Design Course Checklist

The Move to Canvas team has adapted a course checklist in to assist you in designing and refining your Canvas courses. The checklist will support you in achieving our Learning Technology Ecosystem Principles and other principles of effective instructional design. You are welcome to use this resource to self-assess your courses. You may also contact the Move to Canvas team to have someone work through the checklist with you. To book a checklist consultation, email movetocanvas@usask.ca

More to Come

Check back on this page frequently. We will be adding more content as it is found and/or developed. Have you found a resource you found helpful? Let us know by emailing movetocanvas@usask.ca so we can consider adding it to this page.

"I'm stuck! What should I do?"

There are many supports available to you to assist you as you complete your independent learning of Canvas. Please see the webpage at the button below for a full list of these supports.