We want to provide you with the right amount of support as you learn about Canvas and the new opportunities it offers. For this reason, we are offering a combination of self-instructional videos and learning materials, in addition to live workshops and consultations to help you get the most from Canvas.

This page is an overview of all the available live support and learning opportunities to support you as you move into Canvas. For information about specific features, accessing the Canvas Community hub, and other self-paced online learning opportunities, consider clicking the button below to view the available independent learning resources.

What is available?

We have designed 17 different in-house professional learning opportunities to help you get started with Canvas in a way that meets your unique needs as an instructor. Each of these sessions will present and teach features of the new system, contextualized in the framework that informed the decision to select Canvas as our next LMS in the first place. In each of these courses, you can expect the following:

  • Learn how to use several features of Canvas
  • Explore the specific aspects of Canvas may give you more opportunities to improve your course’s online learning environment
  • Practice using these features through structured learning activities
  • Supplementary materials and activities, as found in the professional learning course you were added to when you were first granted access to Canvas

In addition to these in-house sessions, you also have access to the Canvas Training Services Portal, accessed from within Canvas itself. This portal has a calendar of courses for which you can register to learn about these features directly from the vendor.

Upcoming offerings

We are pleased to announce that offerings for our professional learning sessions have been uploaded into our registration system below. The list below includes the next 5 upcoming offerings. The button below the feed can be used to check all our offerings beyond the 5 listed below, and to register.