We want to provide you with the right amount of support as you learn about Canvas and the new opportunities it offers. For this reason, we are offering a combination of self-instructional videos and learning materials, in addition to live workshops and consultations to help you get the most from Canvas.

This page is an overview of all the available live support and learning opportunities to support you in your transition. For information about specific features, accessing the Canvas Community hub, and other self-paced online learning opportunities, consider clicking the button below to view the available independent learning resources.

How to access support

Access to Canvas will begin in June 2020 and support and professional learning sessions will start at that time. There will be many ways to get help with teaching using the new LMS: 

  • Independent learning with video and tutorials
  • Workshops and short courses
  • Consultations with staff from the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Distance Education Unit
  • 24/7 help with your technical problems

Upcoming sessions

The first sessions for learning to use Canvas will become available in June. Information about accessing these sessions will be posted here once it becomes available.