What is the template and why might I use it?

This Canvas course template was designed to help reduce stress load, encourage learning, and help you structure content into a great online learning experience for your students. Using an established Module Template at its core, this Canvas course template provides the framework and just-in-time instructions to guide you through your basic course structure. From here you can begin to add your own flair and teaching style to the content you develop and the activities and interactions you design.

What content is included in the template?

A screenshot of the USask Default Template course homepage.

The Course landing page provides a welcoming space to invite students into the learning activities within. General info about course layout (how students should navigate through materials), expectations and general tips/tricks can help students get settled in your course.

Within the Modules of the template a recommended framework for page structure is laid out as a sample starting point to be duplicated and populated with your weekly content, activities and lecture materials. Following this module template will help students navigate a consistent structure for weekly activities and provide them quick reference options when reviewing course materials.

How do I opt in?

The USask Default Template is available through the Canvas Commons for all USask course instructors to access and use in their courses. Canvas Commons is an area of Canvas in which Canvas course instructors can share content with other course instructors, either internally at USask or more broadly with all Canvas users.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to https://canvas.usask.ca
  2. Log in with your NSID and password
  3. In the left-hand global navigation bar, select Commons.
  4. Beside the Search box at the top of the page, press Filter.
  5. Select Only University Of Saskatchewan Approved Resources.
  6. Select USask Default Template.
  7. Along the right-hand sidebar of the page, click the blue Import/Download button.
  8. In the menu that appears, select the course(s) in which you'd like to use the template, then press Import into Course.
  9. Wait while Canvas imports the content, at which point it'll be ready and waiting for you in your course. It may take some time for the template to appear in your course, although it is usually a relatively quick process.
  10. Go to your course and edit the template, replacing images and text to reflect your course. Embedded within the templates are implicit and explicit design suggestions, but feel free to tailor the template to your course's unique needs.