Evolving Processes

Supporting our clients continues to be a priority as we adjust to a new way of assisting. As such, our processes are undergoing frequent updates to best serve our clients and to keep everyone safe. Changes will be made to this page in tandem with these process changes. We thank you for your patience. 

Our current hours of operation are 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Weekend inquiries will be addressed the following week. 


The IT Support Portal provides clients with access for reporting IT issues, conversing with support agents, monitoring the status of their requests and historical reference of all resolved/closed support submissions. The portal can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity 

The portal is the preferred way to submit IT requests as numerous request forms are provided. These forms aim to cut down on repeated agent interactions as all pertinent request information is captured in a single instance. Portal submissions are placed in the support queue and are addressed in the order in which they were received. Our triage support staff monitor all incoming requests and assign a higher level of urgency, when appropriate.


Email is another viable way to submit requests to IT Support. Unlike the portal, email submissions are free-form and may be subject to clarification before proceeding with the customer request. Email submissions are automatically placed in the support queue but may take slightly longer than a portal request as agents gather detailed information. 

Email address: itsupport@usask.ca

Phone Support

At the outset of COVID, and the move to work and teach remotely, IT Support Services initiated a voicemail-only protocol for all incoming calls to 966-2222. 

IT Support Services has chosen to continue routing all incoming 966-2222 support calls to voicemail. Clients are encouraged to leave a detailed message as voicemails are routed into the support queue similarly to portal and email submissions. Our Triage agents listen to the voicemails, transcribe pertinent information into a support ticket and assign it to our support team based on the urgency of the inquiry and its placement in the overall queue. Once a ticket has been created, clients may re-visit their inquiry by logging into itsupport.usask.ca and monitoring “My Requests”.

Urgent classroom support, including teaching remotely, should be routed through 966-4263. This number is reserved for classroom/teaching emergencies only, is readily staffed during business hours, and does not go to immediately go to voicemail.

For additional information regarding the specifics of classroom level support, please visit our classroom and remote teaching knowledge base article.

In-Person Assistance

In an effort to limit person-to-person interactions, we will be offering primarily remote support.

However, if you are working on campus or if your campus office computer needs an in-person response, IT Support has limited staff members on campus available for such requests. IT support staff are on-campus Monday-Friday during business hours

Urgent Requests

Our triage support agents attempt to prioritize incoming requests in order to deal with all matters, including urgent, as efficiently as possible. Amongst other high-priority items, we pay special attention to outages impacting academic classes.

Remote Support

For safety reasons, we will be addressing most service requests remotely. Remote support allows a support agent to see your screen and fully interact with the remote desktop. Support agents will attempt to troubleshoot and fix issues using remote control and screen sharing - supporting you as if they were by your side.  

Remote Learning & Access

With USask buildings closed, access to physical computer labs has been setup through VLab as a temporary measure until campus can re-open. The lab computers include common software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.

To connect to a lab computer, use the same steps below for launching an application, but click Desktop instead. All physical labs are in folders that begin with "Lab - " (e.g. Lab - Arts and Science). You may see one or more physical labs available to you depending on which classes you are enrolled in, as some have additional software installed. Your instructor may ask you to use a particular lab for some courses.

Please remember to log out when finished.

Hardware Failure & Repair

IT Requisitions has inventory of laptop and desktop computers, monitors, and basic computer accessories.  In the event of an item that is not stocked, the requisitions staff will work with you to order the appropriate equipment.   

Purchases are subject to approval in order to be eligible for reimbursement. By working alongside our acquisitions staff, we can ensure that purchase policies and procedures are followed accurately, and the reimbursement process is expedited. ConnectionPoint works closely with IT Requisitions in order to finalize all related reimbursements and IT Support to ensure you have all the necessary software on your university managed device.  

During the COVID-19 campus closure, most USask staff are working while using their office laptop of desktop from within their home. These computers may be subject to a required hands-on repair should that device experience a hardward or software related failure that cannot be solved remotely.

Purchasing Computer Peripherals

Computer accessories (peripherals) including such items as a mouse, keyboard, computer cables, webcams, monitor cables, powerbars, etc. may be stocked (on-site) by IT Requisitions depending on demand and availability. 

All purchased items will be made available for pickup on campus.Details will be provided at time of purchase.

Purchases are subject to approval in order to be eligible for reimbursement. By working alongside our requisitions staff, we can ensure that purchase policies and procedures are followed accurately, and the reimbursement process is expedited. ConnectionPoint works closely with IT Requisitions in order to finalize all related reimbursements.  


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a searchable information repository for the campus community, providing articles and forms relevant to faculty, staff and students on campus.  The purpose of Knowledge Base is to provide a single source of information available to the campus community where the most up-to-date information is available with the most current version of forms you may need, or information regarding changes to policies, procedures and guidelines as they happen. 

Articles and forms in Knowledge Base are developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are identified as experts in specific areas around campus.  We work closely with these experts from various departments and units to develop content and ensure that existing content is accurate and up-to-date.  Once content is developed, it is posted to Knowledge Base and closely tracked for annual reviews and updates.  We are continually adding new content, so check back often! 

If there is a topic you think should be added to Knowledge Base, or you have suggestions for improvement to existing articles, let us know. There is a Feedback button at the bottom of each article that you can use for this purpose.