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Tips and Best Practices

1. Learn on your own schedule. Access LinkedIn Learning from any device - anytime and anywhere! 

2. Discover bite-sized learning. All LinkedIn Learning courses are broken into short videos, so you can focus on a key topic of interest. Micro-learning, or watching small snippets or longer courses, helps you gain knowledge across numerous subjects.

3. Test your knowledge. Confirm your undertanding using LinkedIn Learning assessments, practice environments and coding practice windows. 

4. Learn at your own pace. Choose from more than 5000 on-demand courses from LinkedIn Learning to help you build professional skills across a vast range of job functions. 

 More great tips for helping you get the most out of LinkedIn Learning are available at LinkedIn: The Learning Blog!  


Advance your Skills

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning has a course for that, too! 

Advance Your Skills with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning and your LinkedIn Account


If you have not already created LinkedIn Learning account at the University of Saskatchewan, then by continuing to LinkedIn Learning you’ll also be creating an account on that service. For the purpose of the account creation process, your email address (, your first name, and your last name will be sent to LinkedIn Learning.

During the account creation process, you may be prompted to connect your personal LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account. This is entirely optional and you will be able to access the content regardless of whether or not you choose to link your LinkedIn account.

FAQ about linking to your LinkedIn account:


LinkedIn's Complete Privacy Policy

Connecting to your LinkedIn Account

You are able to access the U of S LinkedIn Learning licence without connecting your personal LinkedIn account.

If you choose to make the connection to your LinkedIn account, connecting your account can be done in 3 easy steps!

1. Click the activation link in the email you receive after the transition on August 7. 

2. Choose to connect your LinkedIn account.

3. Log in to using your LinkedIn credentials. 

More detailed instructions (with screenshots)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning.

If you do have a LinkedIn profile, you can choose to connect it to your LinkedIn Learning account. Connecting to your LinkedIn profile is totally optional.

LinkedIn recommends connecting or creating a LinkedIn profile to receive enhanced product features (such as retaining course history) and personalized content recommendations.

LinkedIn takes your privacy seriously, which is why connecting your LinkedIn profile is optional. If you choose to connect your LinkedIn account, only basic information from your profile (like your name, job, title, skills, etc.) will be shared. The University of Saskatchewan will not have access to any private activity from your personal LinkedIn account. 

You can disconnect your LinkedIn profile from your LinkedIn Learning account at any time by contacting the  LinkedIn Customer Service team.

You can access the LinkedIn Learning channel in PAWS or you can access the site here:

The activation link that you receive from LinkedIn Learning after the upgrade will expire after 14 days.

You must activate your account within 1 year of the upgrade date for your individual learning data and history to carry over.

Yes, LinkedIn Learning provides access to all the courses from the library that you know and love.

If you connected your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, you can retain your course history, regardless of your license status.

You can disconnect your LinkedIn profile from your LinkedIn Learning account at any time by contacting the  LinkedIn Customer Service team.

Learn More

To learn more about using LinkedIn Learning, view this video.